Local Campaigns

I have always been a committed campaigner, and am especially concerned at the recent loss of local amenities such as banks, buildings societies, GPs, affordable nurseries, convenience stores and post offices. I am currently supporting these local campaigns among others:

  • The numerous Grenfell-related campaign groups in their pursuit of justice in the public housing arena and their fight for tighter regulation against combustible materials being put on high rise buildings
  • Save South Kensington Post Office – an ongoing battle
  • Save North Kensington Library for Public Use – whose campaign WON!
  • Save Wornington College, after the Council bought the building without consultation or notice to ward Councillors, students or residents, and are now going into a partnership which many residents distrust
  • Campaign to improve air quality
  • Campaign against development at Newcombe House, Notting Hill Gate
  • Campaign against development at Kensington Forum Hotel, Gloucester Rd
  • Improve pedestrian safety at Brompton Road, Exhibition Road
  • 20s Plenty, campaign to implement 20mph speed limit on borough controlled roads
  • Save Earls Court, promoting a green exhibition centre and social housing at the former exhibition centre site

Please contact me if your campaign needs my support, I will always help where I am able.