Sorry, not sorry 26.4.21

As Kensington and Chelsea Council heads for the Grenfell Inquiry, Emma Dent Coad reports on the latest developments It is truly disheartening to watch Kensington and Chelsea Council position itself in advance of the Grenfell Inquiry in mid-May, for the questioning of former Leadership team members. We Councillors are sent daily news updates, carefully curated and framed to appear less damaging than they are in reality. We say the Grenfell Tower fire was an atrocity; the Council calls it a […]

Grenfell council tries to sue 1.2.21

It is beyond ironic that the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council, facing possible criminal manslaughter charges in relation to the Grenfell Tower fire, is attempting to sue two manufacturers of products involved in the atrocity of the Council’s own making. One is Whirlpool, the manufacturer of the fridge that overheated and started the fatal fire. The other is Arconic, the manufacturer of the cheaper flammable cladding that RBKC first specified, and then turned a blind eye to, when […]


I have always been a committed campaigner, and am especially concerned at the recent loss of local amenities such as banks, buildings societies, GPs, affordable nurseries, convenience stores and post offices. I am currently supporting these local campaigns among others: The numerous Grenfell-related campaign groups in their pursuit of justice in the public housing arena and their fight for tighter regulation against combustible materials being put on high rise buildings Save South Kensington Post Office – an ongoing battle Save […]

Arise! Defending Jeremy Corbyn and winning a socialist Labour Government 9.4.19

The second ‘Arise – a festival of Labour’s Left Ideas’ will look at how and why we can campaign for a better world for the many and a socialist, Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour Government, writes Matt Willgress. Recent months have seen an intensification of attacks on Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party from a number of different angles, including the formation of the Independent Group, an almost permanent misrepresentation in parts of the media and our Party about the leadership’s […]


This photo depicts a bathroom in a three-year-old flat, where the floor has collapsed. This same flat in a new development has suffered leaks through the ceiling, through the walls, around the windows, the loo flooded, the kitchen tap broke – then an unattended leak from under the bath caused the floor to collapse. While this is an extreme case, it is only uncommon because the flat is newly built. All over Kensington rented homes – social or private – […]


Unwelcome and inappropriate planning applications blight London, and particularly the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The dangers of developments driven purely by profit, which do not benefit the communities around them in any way at all, must be curtailed. In my previous role as spokesperson for Planning on the Kensington and Chelsea Labour Group, I did my best within procedural rules, to speak out for residents on unwelcome planning applications. Over the years this has ranged from arguing the […]


Kensington Constituency Labour Party (CLP or Kensington Labour) is the organisation that listens to, responds to and is ultimately accountable to Labour Party members in Kensington. We keep in close contact with Chelsea and Fulham CLP, which covers the five wards in the south of the borough that make up RB Kensington and Chelsea. C&F members often come to our meetings and speak at All Members’ Meetings (AMMs), though they are not allowed to vote – or to speak at […]