Emma has been a Councilor in Kensington & Chelsea for more than 16 years. Emma was first elected as a Golborne Ward Councilor in 2006, which she represented until May 2022 when she was elected as a Councillor for St Helens Ward.

From May 2022 to May 2023 Emma was leader of the RBKC Labour Group. Alongside that responsibility, Emma was Labour spokesperson for Planning and sits on the Planning, Administration & Audit and Transparency Committees.

As a Councillor Emma gives a voice to those constituents who the Tory Controlled RBKC Council would rather ignore. Suitable housing for all, investment in public services and an end to unnecessary out-sourcing and privatisation of local resources have all been priorities for Emma.

In her role as a Councillor, Emma can always be contacted by her constituents (Details below) if they have concerns they wish to raise.

St Helen’s Ward Casework

E: (St Helen’s residents only)

Emma’s Profile page on the Kensington & Chelsea website.